Learn What Six Sigma Is For Your Business

Posted the 8th 2011f August, 2011 by admin in Uncategorized

Knowing what six sigma is and how it can be applied to your business will revolutionize your business processes. It is the one factor that could be missing from your business to drive you to the highest sales in company history.

Six sigma is a strategy to improve the quality of the products that you offer. The term six sigma refers to a common statistical method which in practice will be able to any defects from 99.99966 of your products.

Implementing six sigma follows a simple process. It begins with a definition of the issues that you may be having with quality of products and will attempt to measure production of the product. Measuring production gives a starting point to help know how far away from six sigma that you are. After initial measures, you will need to redesign your processes to fix current problems, implement these new designs, and continually measure the effects for constant improvements. The repetition of this procedure will allow you to eventually reach six sigma standards.

To truly be known as a six sigma company among your competitors and customers, you must become certified. The US has three common organizations that offer this certification but being able to boast of this accomplishment will transform your business into a lean manufacturer with gained respect within your industry.

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