How Six Sigma Grows Your Company

Posted the 30th 2013f July, 2013 by admin in Uncategorized

Six Sigma has helped many small and large businesses to grow over the years. Although the methodologies are largely related to processes, the results provide a number of opportunities for growth within the business. This is even true for small businesses that might see implementing Six Sigma techniques as being too much work for such a small operation.

The main way Six Sigma will help a business grow is by eliminating wasted resources. This includes wasted employee movements and time as well as unnecessary steps in a process that generate too many opportunities for errors. Businesses that reevaluate or redefine the workflow in critical areas and bottlenecks will see improved efficiency and lower operating costs. These savings provide extra resources that can be placed into creating new value-added products or services or that can be used to expand the business into new venues.

Another way Six Sigma helps to grow a company is by improving the relationship between the business, the products or services and the customers. The improvement in quality because of streamlined work processes and low defect rates will be reflected in customer sales over time. This increases the amount of available revenue each year for new product development, expanded facilities or increased advertising.

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