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The fact remains that HR is the heart of any organization. Despite the endless number of human resource functions, the HR department's accomplishments often go unnoticed and unrewarded which is a shame. If you consider the fact that HR plays an active role in every activity in an organization, it is easy to see how a human resource position can be overwhelming.

HR responsibilities can be defined as aligning all goals, functions, activities, and policies in a manner which meets the needs of all stakeholders. Everything from recruitment, retention, policies, strategic congruence, and even training and development are HR responsibilities. Additionally, we must stay on top of laws and regulations.

To further justify the need for thorough training of HR personnel, the majority of all internal lawsuits in business could have been prevented either through proper training, policies, or through better staffing, recruiting, and disciplinary processes. If for no reason other than liability issues, every organization should ensure they have covered all bases in all human resource functions. However, one really must go beyond compliance with laws and regulations. We should also put forth every effort to improve organizational performance and to improve the quality of life for our employees.

Often, busy HR schedules leave little time for planning and implementing improvement efforts. One can also begin to lose focus due simply to the hectic nature of the HR schedule. We have developed a human resource diagram that serves as a training tool. Used alone, pinned on your wall or cubicle (let us hope you are not stuck in a cubicle), this diagram serves as an effective visual reminder of the true aim of the HR department. Feel free to download a copy of the HR Focus Diagram but we do ask that you properly cite sources including copyright info and the url form which you downloaded the form. Visually, this HR model does seem simplistic, but if you consider the implications it can be quite complex. In fact, we have designed an entire training program geared toward helping organizations more effectively align goals and meet the needs of all stakeholders using this model as a training tool. Of course this is but one training program related to human resource issues. We have vast knowledge and experience in HR consulting.  If you have difficulty viewing this form you may need to download adobe reader.

If you need assistance in any of the numerous HR functions please contact us. Use our "contact form" to describe your needs and we will reply within 24 hours.


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