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It has long been known that all people learn differently. This presents difficulties in designing effective training programs in the workplace. How can we design training programs that are practical for all employees? This has become even more of a problem with dependency on technology, e-learning. E-learning can be utilized with some success but should not be replied upon as a stand-alone method of training. There are advantages and disadvantages to e-learning as a stand-alone method; however retention, in our opinion, is the leading concern. Training programs, regardless of how extravagant the design, are basically useless if retention is low. The key to retention is active learning strategies.

Active Learning

This concept, although proven effective, is often not included in many training programs. Active learning consists of 5 very simple elements:

•        Read
•        Hear
•        See
•        Say
•        Do

It is proven that people tend to remember only 50% of what they read, hear, and see. On the other hand, people tend to remember up to 90% of what they read, hear, see, say, and do. In order for any training program to be successful it must include clearly written objectives, all 5 elements of active learning, and properly designed methods for assessment. In addition to increasing retention, learners also enjoy the experience more when they actively participate. The theory is simple; but designing training programs can be quite challenging.

If you seek assistance in designing and administering training programs feel free to contact us. We also offer programs designed to “train the trainers” and “train the designers”. Increase retention in your training programs and enable your organization to design truly effective training programs in a cost efficient manner.

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