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The following articles are provided by Lean Consulting and Training. The topics discussed in these articles are merely brief introductions and should not be considered sufficient information for the purpose of training and development. For more information or consulting and training requests please contact us. Meanwhile we hope our brief articles inspire you to further research the topics which are of interest to you and to consider how the information applies to your organization.

We also encourage you to submit questions to us. If we feel your questions and our responses will be of interest to others in business or academics we will post it as an article on our site with your permission of course. If your questions exceed the space available in our submission form you can also send a direct email by. We look forward to hearing from you.

Lean Methods in Education. Brian Lean 2006
Lean Strategies: A simple introduction
. LC&T 2005
Leadership Basics. LC&T 2005
Team Consensus: Goal or Obstacle? LC&T 2005
Active Training Strategies. LC & T 2005
Managing Change in Your Organization. LC&T 2005
Cultural Diversity LC&T 2005
Lean Healthcare Brian Lean 2005
Lean Manufacturing Implementation Assistance Brian Lean 2006
Leading with integrity Brian Lean 2005
Quality Tools Training Randy Lean 2006
Six Sigma Training and Certification Brian Lean 2006
Deming's 14 Points Brian Lean 2006
Lean Certification Program Brian Lean 2006
Lean and Green: how lean systems can improve the environment Brian Lean 2007

Submitted Articles and Questions

Pre-employment testing question. May 2005
Will lean methods reduce quality of healthcare October 2005  
Help! Our lean manufacturing consultant is failing October 2005
Change Management Techniques November 2005
Employee Motivation and Turnover Issues December 2005

Small Business Help December 2005
Disruptive Team Behavior December 2005
Improving Team Productivity January 2006
Lean Manufacturing Organizational Structure February 2006
Employee Empowerment Works February 2006
Most Prevalent Type of Organizational Waste March 2006
Malcolm Baldrige Award Question March 2006
5M Fishbone Diagram March 2006
Lean Implementation April 2006
Lean Manufacturing: Do we eliminate first line supervisors? May 2006
We've hit a dead end. Can you help? June 2006
Kaizen team selection June 2006
How to handle employee terminations and reduce workplace violence June 2006
Variation: Common cause, assignable cause, or outliers? August 2006
Employee training question. How do I get management involved? August 2006
Brainstorming tips for teams and team leaders December 2006
Lean Training Question April  2007

Articles will be rotated periodically.

Student Resources

We strongly support lifelong learning and will gladly assist students seeking information for research. At no cost to students we will participate in interviews and surveys.

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