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For any project to be successful we must seek commitment rather than compliance. When members in all levels of the organization are actively involved and feel they have contributed to the effort the opportunity for buy-in is greatly increased. The trainees benefit not only from the new knowledge but in the sense of achievement gained through playing a major role in the effort. This sense of achievement and buy-in, in fact,  further ensures that the training will "stick". If we simply tell people what they must do we can do no more than hope for compliance. Whereas, empowerment leads to both immediate and long-term gains.

We also feel that your management team, even if not among the trainees, should be continually updated on progress and given the opportunity to be highly involved as well. Among the benefits of utilizing our services are the following:

  • We utilize both competency based instruction and active learning strategies which increases retention by as much as 40% relative to traditional classroom, e-learning, or on the job training

  • Participants experience a highly interactive training environment

  • You are involved from the beginning in identifying needs and training content

  • We describe training content and the relevance prior to the first session, at which point we encourage you to voice concerns

  • Training goals and organizational goals are tightly aligned

  • Content is easily transferred and applied

  • You retain authority to make “go/no-go” decisions at critical junctures

  • Real solutions to real problems

  • Method-driven approach: by focusing on methods you will be more capable of producing consistent and predictable results. This approach creates a culture shift toward an environment conducive to continual improvement

  • A systems approach: participant learn to "see" how each effort affects the entire organization

  • Participants become champions

  • Participants learn to establish SMART goals: Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and tangible

  • Program benefits, including the impact on bottom line, are clearly identified

  • Each program is client-specific

  • Guaranteed results

Our team of highly skilled, professional, and personable consultants and trainers will help you realize your full potential.

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