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Consulting and Training for Small Business

Welcome to Lean Consulting and Training. We offer a variety of services designed to fit the unique needs of small businesses. We do not offer "cookie-cutter" solutions. Effective methods and solutions require a full understanding of the client, the aim of the organization, and the culture of the organization. We are backed by years of industry experience, consulting and training experience, and as educators. Whether you operate a small business from your home or employ up to 5000 associates in your organization we will be happy to work with you toward achieving your goals.

Why only small business?

We feel small business is the heart of our economy; but they often do not have the support that is readily available to larger corporations. Small businesses also present an environment in which even the slightest improvement produces highly visible results. However, even the smallest of problems in a small business can lead to very serious issues.

Each problem must be approached with a sense of urgency, diligence, and accuracy while still focusing on how the solution will affect the individual employees and the organization as a whole. This approach holds true in large corporations as well, but not to the extent observed in small business. We enjoy the challenge.

Lean Manufacturing / Lean Healthcare Systems

Of all the services we offer, the implementation of lean techniques is by far the most demanded. We have extensive lean knowledge as well as hands-on experience in a variety of industries. What makes our lean training and implementation services truly unique is that we are not limited to strictly operations and engineering perspectives; nor are we limited to the HR side of a lean transformation. We offer a comprehensive program that not only helps you "go lean" but aligns the entire organization and prepares all levels for a lean system. This approach further guarantees acceptance of the new methods and promotes the shift in culture that occurs as part of a lean transformation.

For more information on our lean enterprise training and development program contact us. We do encourage you to first read more about our lean program.

Consulting and Training Services

Whether you need assistance in implementing lean processes, team building, leadership development, change management, 5S, employee development, SPC / SQC, development of effective training programs, project management, root cause analysis, needs assessment / analysis, conflict resolution / conflict management training, tactics for improving communication, managing diversity, development of standard operating procedures, or process capability studies, you have come to the right place. We are staffed with the best, the brightest, and the most experienced mentors, coaches, and trainers.

In addition to this wealth of knowledge and experience, we are known for our compassion for clients and consideration of your needs. We guarantee results and we also guarantee that you will enjoy working with us.

Training for Success

Identifying opportunities for improvement and providing solutions to difficult problems represents only a small portion of what we do. More importantly, we share with you the knowledge and tools it takes to continually improve. We do not take our knowledge with us at the end of a project. We also help you establish long-term improvement goals and enable your organization to develop strategies for reaching those goals.

Consulting Firm Partnerships/Sub-contracting

We are always willing to consider providing our services to consulting firms that find they either have an overwhelming workload or are declining projects. Additionally, if your firm prefers to offer consulting only and does not offer training services we can be a highly valuable resource. If you are interested in sub-contracting projects out to us or wish to refer clients to us, by all means feel free to contact us. We would be happy to discuss referral fees and/or sub-contracting terms with you.

Proud members of: The Lean Enterprise Institute and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers
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