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Efficiency and Productivity

If you require assistance in improving efficiency we are fully capable of helping you get "more bang for the buck"; but with an additional twist. Often efficiency experts are viewed as the guys who come in to clean house and assign more responsibility to each worker. There is a reason for that opinion in that, unfortunately, this is a common approach. However research shows that organizational performance suffers when this approach is taken. We, on the other hand, do not approach this as a 'head-cutting' activity. That is not to say that organizations are never overstaffed. When overstaffing is a problem we can guide you through the process of stabilizing your payroll:production ratio without the use of brute force.

Typically though efficiency can be improved greatly by other means. We examine the entire system as a whole and identify opportunities. If the first step is to identify personnel that can be eliminated you are setting yourself up for many problems. With any activity we must seek commitment rather than compliance. With commitment your workforce will buy-in and support the organization. If you immediately begin with cutting heads, without examining the system, then force employees to comply you can be certain that absenteeism, turnover, and morale will be impacted. Absenteeism and high turnover adds operating cost. Similarly, a de-motivated workforce is not a productive workforce.

Therefore even if you aren't interested in a "lean" system we will help you identify waste in the system that lowers your overall efficiency and productivity while concurrently identifying improvement opportunities. If right-sizing your workforce is needed there are ways to do so without instilling fear and de-motivating employees.

The key to our success in improving efficiency and productivity is our comprehensive systems approach. Your efficiency will improve. Your productivity will improve. Equally as important; morale will improve. Another advantage to utilizing our services is that we leave you with tools and knowledge needed for future improvement efforts. A consulting and/or training experience should not leave the client dependent on us. Instead you will be more empowered and capable of continuous improvement.

We will also follow up with you to see how the organization is progressing. Many firms use the phrase "customer satisfaction" very loosely, but our aim is to leave the client delighted.


If your organization is now at a point in which capacity is a problem contact us. We will look at you existing processes and help you develop a cost-effective solution. Cost is only one issue we will examine. If quality is compromised in order to increase capacity you have really done yourself a injustice. We look much deeper than throughput, cycle times, and bottle-necks in order to develop realistic and effective long-term solutions.

Contact us for a thorough needs assessment and analysis.
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