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Free organizational needs assessment


Free Needs Assessment

Whether you are seeking solutions to difficult organizational problems or would like to identify improvement opportunities we encourage you to contact us for a free needs assessment. The only cost to you will be minimal travel expenses (mileage only) and a few hours of your time. Simply complete the form on our contact page and we will reply within one business day. There is no obligation.

This is nothing more than an opportunity for you to discuss your concerns and/or future goals and receive professional advice. During our visit you will not be asked to commit to a consulting and/or training project. The purpose of our visit is to determine your needs and briefly outline a possible plan of action. It is not a sales visit. If you wish to utilize our services no further than the free needs assessment that is entirely fine. Our goal is to strengthen your business and our economy.

Following our needs assessment, if you elect to seek our assistance further we will gladly discuss that with you as well. Either way, it is our intention to help you achieve and expand your potential.

There are no hidden costs and no surprises. Mileage fees will be calculated up front. Currently our mileage fee is 30 cents/mile round trip. 


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