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The scandalous, the dishonest, the book-cookers...the list goes on and on. Most importantly, how do you want the world to perceive your organization? Regardless of the size of your organization all it takes is one act of one individual in your company that can in any way shape or form be construed as unethical and the best you can hope for is financial ruin. Of course, as we have all seen in the recent past, unethical acts can result in much greater suffering than financial ruin. If for no other reason, every organization should provide training that raises awareness and outlines policies. We can assist with training in ethics and can also help you develop effective policies.

Such training should not be a one-time effort. It should be included in your orientation program and also repeated on a regular basis.

Lead with Integrity

How can you train leaders to lead with integrity? It's difficult enough to simply define integrity. Given this difficulty, many firms struggle to develop business ethics training programs, and rightfully so. It is a challenge. After all, many decisions leaders must make are not guided by clearly defined boundaries drawn in black and white. What may seem right to one may feel wrong to another. One of the most important things trainees will take away from our ethics training program is the mindset. Yes, we define many ethical dilemmas and appropriate solutions, but the ability to monitor one's own actions and make ethical decisions is critical. We teach our trainees to measure their integrity through a simple question they must ask themselves every single day. Here is the integrity self-test:

"Do my words, actions, and decisions prove beyond a doubt that I am concerned about the success of all stakeholders?"

All organizational leaders should spend 30 seconds each day asking and answering that question. If you can honestly answer 'yes' to that question everyday you are learning to lead with integrity. There is no need to ask if you are pleasing every stakeholder everyday. That is simply not possible; but if all stakeholders can see that you are doing what is 'best for all stakeholders' and that your decisions support that goal you will be well on your way toward being recognized as a truly ethical leader. It is a change in mindset. It is also a method of prevention.

We've had no problems. Why should we train?

Hindsight is not an option when it comes to business ethics and leading with integrity. If you wait for problems, training will not remedy the situation. It will be too late for training. This type of training should be used as a method of prevention. 

We urge you to Contact us for all of your ethics training needs.

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