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Are we born leaders? Can leadership skills be taught? The answer to both of these questions is yes. Through observing children at a very young age in the playground you inevitably find that certain children are leaders. Others are followers. So yes, putting the right person in a position of leadership is important. We can help you identify potential leaders through a variety of assessment and can help hone their leadership skills as well. The founders of Lean Consulting & Training have decades of leadership experience and educational background. They are experienced in teaching the most modern and effective leadership techniques. Leadership is the backbone of any organization. As leadership goes, so goes the organization. Leadership should exist at all levels promoting communication, responsibility, reduction of waste, individuals, and the organization as a whole. Any transformation is difficult but made easier with the assistance of professional experts.

The success of all organizations relies upon expertise in assessing and developing leadership techniques. For assistance please contact us. Meanwhile we hope you enjoy the following leadership tips.


Leadership: Fairness Above All

Regardless of a leader’s intentions or abilities, failure is inevitable if they are not perceived as fair. Leaders are often tempted to be more lenient with top performers. When top performers cross the line of proper behavior or fail to abide by company policy it is not uncommon for a leader to dismiss the behavior. Whereas average or below average performers may face strict disciplinary action. In addition to legal difficulties, this style of leadership will also de-motivate and segregate the workforce. Those being treated less favorably will put forth less effort having lost respect for the leader and the organization. Much to the surprise of unfair leaders, those that have been given special treatment are often the employees guilty of sabotage or betrayal. Fairness is only one element of effective leadership; but should be included in your leadership training programs. Responsibility also rests with top management to monitor the actions of all leaders within the organization and to let it be known that employee complaints of being treated unfairly will be taken seriously. Again, fairness, although considered an attribute, can be properly addressed and embedded in well designed training programs.  

Participative Leadership: Power Through Empowerment

Of all the leadership styles it would be difficult to claim any other is more effective than participative leadership. Not an easy task for many, this requires a sharing of power. This decision making power, when shared and channeled properly, increases productivity, creativity, and employee morale. We offer leadership style assessments and training geared toward adopting a participative style. A participative style is also required for team building. Therefore, our team building programs include leadership style assessments/training. After all, an effective team also depends upon shared leadership.  

Leadership Focus: Both Task and Relationship

The majority of us have known leaders guilty of focusing so hard on maintaining relationships in the workplace that they fall short of completing tasks. Leaders of this type fear being firm enough to get the job done. They fall short on tasks rather than upsetting subordinates, peers, and superiors. They crave approval. They are relationship driven. These leaders are often perceived as weak and are not respected.

We have also known leaders guilty of being so task-driven that they absolutely do not care what others may think of them. People are of little importance among this group of leaders. In this case associates are not motivated to perform and rarely develop to their full potential. Turnover also tends to be high. Despite the wealth of research and published material on the benefits of being a “leader” rather than a “boss” many still operate in the economy of scale boss mode.

The fact is effective leadership requires one to be extremely task driven and extremely relationship driven.

These are but a few leadership issues that can easily be identified and addressed. For more information on our leadership assessments and training programs feel free to
contact us.


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