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Lean enterprise book release


The Journey to Lean: Are we there yet?

Introduce your organization to the basics of lean enterprise

The founder of Lean Consulting and Training, has just completed this book on the basics of lean enterprise. Rather than being written as an academic work however the book follows the interesting and entertaining story of the failings and successes of two school children who open a neighborhood lemonade stand. This small venture continues to grow until several small shops were needed in order to keep up with demand. All of this was achieved through the utilization of lean techniques. 

get to see the basics of lean enterprise, including the shift from a batch and queue system to one-piece flow, 5S, kaizen, poka-yokes, and elimination of waste in the value stream to name but a few initiatives. This is an excellent resource for those interested in the basics of lean. Since this takes place in such a simple yet realistic setting this book is also recommended as a tool for introducing your workforce to the lean philosophy as well.

Upon reading this publication, your workforce will have a grasp on what "lean" actually is. Rather than resisting the implementation of lean due to a fear of job loss, it is shown that lean is not simply tool for downsizing. In fact, it is a highly effective method of improving quality, and reducing lead times, defects, waste, and non-value-added activities. As we all know, our workforce becomes the most valuable resource we have. They are not, and should not be a target of elimination. They are plain and simply not waste!

We examine the types of waste that exist in all organizations. With the assistance of a lean specialist the lemonade stand becomes a lean enterprise. We take a journey through a very realistic transformation while facing very real obstacles that are common in all industries. Enlightening and entertaining.


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