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Lean Healthcare Systems


Lean Healthcare Systems

The healthcare industry is becoming evermore competitive and leaders in this sector, seeking reliable methods of improving patient care and improving organizational performance, are turning to philosophies previously considered strictly for manufacturing. This philosophy....lean. The results have been truly astounding.

Our Lean Healthcare System certification and implementation program is truly revolutionizing the healthcare industry. In manufacturing this philosophy is extremely effective but does come with a number of obstacles and challenges. The application of lean in healthcare is no different; effective, yet challenging.

Typical Benefits of Lean Healthcare

Listed below are a few of the average benefits we have observed in the healthcare sector.

  • 90% reduction in patient waiting time and lead times

  • 80% improvement in throughput

  • 85% reduction in errors and mistakes

  • 90+% reduction in "handoff" errors

  • Doubles labor productivity

  • Improves the quality of patient care

  • Improved employee and staff morale

  • Reduced turnover often by as much as 90%

  • Elimination of all searching time (e.g. searching for supplies)

  • Elimination of errors such as wrong side surgeries

  • More effective supply management techniques

  • Reduced labor time in supply management

  • Improved financial performance

  • Improved overall organizational performance

These are but a few benefits observed in the implementation of Lean Healthcare Systems. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable lean specialists not only prepare your organization for the tremendous changes through our highly interactive training and certification program but spend a great deal of time with your associates on the floor offering guidance in the actual implementation and continuous improvement efforts.

This program includes three levels of training and certification:

  • Lean Healthcare Practitioner: Recommended for all associates

  • Lean Healthcare Champion: Approximately 8% of your associates will proceed to this level of certification

  • Lean Healthcare Sensei: One Sensei per every 400 associates is recommended

This program, as mentioned, is very interactive. Participants go beyond the mere academics of lean but complete a number of in-class activities designed to prepare them for implementation. They as well begin implementation throughout the organization on day one.

This ensures buy-in and allows the participants to truly take ownership. Buy-in is certainly a common concern in any lean implementation and is often the source of failure. This in addition to lack of visible support of management are the two most common reasons lean implementations don't "stick". Our extensive background in understanding human behavior further ensures we are able to establish this much needed buy-in and empowerment.

How to begin a lean implementation

This program begins with a 'rapid facility assessment' in order to better understand your current state followed by a 1/2 day lean overview session with your executive management team and department heads. From there we spend two days with your management team preparing them for a lean system.

Prior to any assessment or training we prefer to spend a couple of hours with the CEO or equivalent to provide an overview of this program and our services. This initial meeting is free of charge. However, we do ask that you cover minimal travel expenses.

Following the rapid facility assessment and lean overview the Lean Practitioner Training and Certification begins. We recommend that all associates complete this level of certification and we certainly recommend that management is represented as well. This is in fact a large scale transformation. As such, the training of a limited few will not guarantee success.

Lean Practitioners will become highly empowered members of Kaizen Teams and will be capable of continuously moving your organization toward lean. These Kaizen Teams will assume more leadership responsibilities as well.

A select few then move into the Lean Champion Training and Certification. These individuals essentially become your lean experts. They guide the Kaizen Teams and manage numerous projects. The Champions report directly to the Len Sensei.

We then help you select from the participants individuals to assume the Lean Sensei role. You may in fact have a candidate in mind but realistically performance in the Lean Practitioner and Lean Champion levels should be considered when selecting a Lean Sensei. The Lean Sensei will coordinate all activities of the Lean Champions and Kaizen Teams. The Sensei will report directly to the CEO. In addition to being trained and certified in Lean Systems we prepare these individuals for success at an executive level.

Following completion of all training and certification levels we provide biweekly visits to monitor progress and offer guidance as needed. Our goal is to bring your organization to a point in which you no longer require our assistance. Once this point is reached and you feel ready move forward without our assistance we will continue to be available only as you see necessary. After all, there is no reason to feel locked in or dependent on a consultant. But we will continue to answer question or even visit again upon your request.

How much will this cost?

This is dependent on the size of your organization. Following our initial meeting with the CEO or equivalent we will prepare a quote for you. Both the size of the organization and the number and location of facilities will be considered when preparing a quote.

We do encourage you to compare quotes and you will not be pressured. We can safely say, however, you will be hard-pressed to find a more reasonable quote with a reliable and experienced firm. We practice what we preach; lean methods. We eliminate waste in our practices while improving quality. This enables us to drive down the cost of our services while never sacrificing quality. We guarantee results at a reasonable cost.

Not prepared to commit to a full lean implementation?

Although lean can not be implemented through "cherry picking" we can however assist in improving organizational performance through 5S and Kaizen Training for example. I must clarify that you will not be considered "lean" without a full implementation project but we can certainly institutive real and lasting change through a variety of training and coaching programs.

Considering Implementing Lean in your Healthcare Organization?

You are making a outstanding and much needed decision. Once you make the decision to bring in our Lean Healthcare Specialists Team we guarantee you will see improvement in patient care, profitability, organizational performance, quality, and throughput to name but a few. Contact us to begin your journey to lean.

Let us schedule the initial meeting with your CEO. This meeting, as mentioned, is free of charge other than minimal travel expenses; mileage or airline tickets only. From there the decision is yours; but I am confident you will be as excited about redefining the true potential of your organization and the improvements in patient care as we are.

Furthermore, you always reserve the "go/no-go" decision at all stages of the training, certification, and implementation program.

If you are uncertain about the implementation of lean systems but would like assistance in a smaller scale rapid improvement event; a Kaizen event, please contact us as well.

Feel free to contact us if you have further questions or would like to schedule a lean overview.

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