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Lean Organizational Chart

Dear Sirs,

We are planning to go lean over the next couple of years. Based on what I have read we will also need to change our organizational chart. I have been given the job of putting together a new organizational chart. The way our structure stands today we have 6 layers between the hourly employees and top management. We want to remove some of these layers and eliminate those positions. Have you any thoughts on organizational charts for lean manufacturing?

Anonymous Submission February, 2006: Posted with consent

Restructuring the organization for lean

Of course every organization is different, so without knowing more about your specific situation I am hesitant to etch anything in stone for you. Therefore, the advice I am offering here is nothing more than friendly advice. I have put together a couple of documents that I have used on various lean projects. One is a basic outline and the other is a sample chart.

It is important to drive decision-making power to the lowest possible level, empower employee teams, and utilize cross-functional teams that will assume many responsibilities previously handled by those middle layers you wish to eliminate. Keep in mind, I said 'eliminate layers', not people. first glance through the basic outline. Once you've read the outline take a look at the actual organizational chart I have used on other projects. I have used this model and have had success with it, however, I can not offer this as a 'recommendation' without being directly involved with your organization. You are free to use these as research tools but I do not recommend that you attempt a lean transformation alone. Bringing in a lean expert with a proven track record is a necessity.

These two documents do not capture all that is required in going lean. It is a very in depth process that is ongoing. You are never truly lean. In a lean culture you are continuously in pursuit of perfection.

Good luck on your transformation. If you require assistance feel free to contact us. Regardless of who you contact, be sure to seek the assistance of a lean expert. I can not, however, endorse attempting the transformation without the assistance of a lean expert.



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