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Student Question Regarding the Malcolm Baldrige Award

I am a student at Texas A&M and we have been discussing the Malcolm Baldrige Award. We have spent a great deal of time examining the criteria and we were asked to do research on the actual benefits businesses see through this program. Mainly what I am wondering is whether the award itself seems to be sought basically for the prestige. Also, I must ask in order to establish credibility. How experienced and/or knowledgeable are you in this topic?

Awaiting your reply.

Jennifer S.

Student Submission March, 2006: Posted with consent

Benefits : More than just an award

Thank you for submitting the question. We are always pleased when we receive questions from students and potential leaders. As for credibility, I am glad you asked. Critical thinking and researching your resources is always a great way to start any research project. Because we have always been so interested in quality and are aware of the importance of quality we are very familiar with the program and stay current on the criteria. We do offer training to support this level of quality in all industries, but have noticed specifically a tremendous increase of interest by those in the healthcare industry. This is great news!

Yes, there certainly is prestige associated with the award and rightly so; however, the actual benefits in our opinion are far greater than receiving an award. Many of the quality theories and practices are tightly linked and go back to the quality gurus such as Deming, Crosby, and Juran to mention but a few.

The foundation of all of the quality management practices is based on the fact that genuine improvements in quality and quality management impact all facets of a business.  When an organization begins with a focus on quality, all stakeholders benefit. The customers are pleased with the improved product or service. Costs are decreased because there are fewer defects and errors. Therefore, the organization can reduce the price of products and services while still increasing profits. The organization gains market share which obviously results in happier investors and business owners.

Research also shows that employees are much happier in such an environment. Their work is more rewarding, turnover is decreased, and they typically see an increase in compensation and opportunities for development.

Businesses that do follow through with this program, whether awarded or not, tend to be leaders in their respective industry. Interestingly, of those that express interest in this program, only a very limited few actually go through with even applying. The benefits are numerous; but the program is not for the "halfwayers". It requires a long-term commitment, the drive, and the will to keep moving forward. This program as well as other well-known quality award and certification programs also create a culture in which improvements are continuous. This, constant moving forward, may very well be the benefit that stands out among all the rest. In a culture where stagnation or settling for second best is not an option, organizations will find that they no longer need to compete with competitors. They instead compete with perfection.

More effective problem-solving, communication in all levels, and a common and consistent organizational aim are other benefits of this program. In sum, the award is a true achievement. Then again, even those that do not receive the award, yet continue to make great strides in this direction consistently report improved customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and overall organizational success. The benefits throughout that journey are the true rewards.

Thanks for the question. I hope this is helpful. If you require further assistance please contact us. Good luck with your classes and your future as a leader!


Brian S. Lean M.S.

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