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The following comment/question was submitted:

"Do you offer off-site team development training (retreats) for managers?"

Yes we do. Team building retreats are actually becoming quite popular. Offsite retreats are especially effective in team building exercises. Taking the trainees out of the actual work environment eliminates some of the distractions and enables us to more effectively gain the attention of the learners.

We offer both a 2-day and a 3-day package for our team building retreat. These training sessions are not only informative, but enjoyable as well. When participants enjoy the learning environment they are more likely to respond to training and retain information. The training begins at 8:00 am and ends at 3:00 pm with a one-hour lunch break and two 20 minute breaks. The client is responsible for travel arrangements.

The training sessions include both classroom instruction as well as hands-on exercises. The training includes the following topics:

  • Trust: Why is it a critical element in a team environment? How can you build trust in teams?

  • Conflict Management: A progressive look at utilizing conflict as a powerful tool for improvement. Eliminate fear of conflict. How to encourage and welcome conflict.

  • Results: Develop a team-oriented focus on results. Goal setting, focus, and follow through.

  • Commitment: Strategies for putting "team needs" above "individual needs"  

  • Accountability:  Clearly establishing and communicating expectations of each member

  • Team Roles: A comprehensive look at individual roles within teams

  • Team Behaviors: Functional and dysfunctional behaviors

  • Meeting Management: Effective meeting design and evaluation

  • Action Planning: Includes setting realistic yet challenging objectives, delegation, reaching those objectives, project management, and evaluation.

To schedule a team building retreat please contact us.


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