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Organizational improvement assistance


Organizational improvement assistance

Over the last few years we have continued to eliminate waste, reduce lead times, and improve quality. We have made a great deal of progress but have hit a dead end. Our employees have done an outstanding job in our continuous improvement efforts but we have reached a point in which it seems nearly impossible to improve any further. I know there must be opportunities. First of all would you be willing to come in and help us identify areas in need of improvement? Secondly, if you did come, can you estimate how long it would take to identify some potential improvements? Let's make that three questions. What would you look for when it comes to eliminating waste and improving our processes and quality?

One more question. We are located in Oregon. Is a plant visit out of the question? I noticed that you are located in Indiana.

Anonymous Submission June, 2006 : Posted with consent

Honestly, these are the kinds of projects we truly enjoy. It is refreshing to work with a company that has put forth such an effort to improve and, as you mentioned, involve the employees. It also presents a challenge and we do enjoy challenges. We would be very happy to visit your facility.

What I propose is a one day visit. I am positive that in one day we can identify some opportunities that have yet to be discovered. Many times all you need is a fresh set of eyes. If all you need is a list of suggestions we can do this in a one day assessment. Following the assessment we will forward to you a recommendation report. There is no need to make this a huge business expense. Therefore, we will bill you only for the time we spend in your facility and for minimal travel expenses (airline tickets only). We will not bill you for the time we spend developing the report. We also never bill for frivolous travel expenses. After all, we would be eating whether we were traveling or not. So, we would only ask for the cost of transportation and the cost of the one day visit.

The important thing is not that we line our pockets. The priority here is that we help you identify improvement opportunities. And no, a trip to Oregon would not be inconvenient.

I can also go one step further. If by chance you would like for us to help you put in place the recommendations we offer we will waive the cost of the initial one day assessment and bill only for travel expenses. If you elect to implement the recommendations without our assistance you will have only paid us for the one day assessment.

We do have very specific things that we look for in our assessments but unfortunately consider those to be trade secrets. We will, however, point those out to you as part of our report.

We would be glad to help. I look forward to hearing from you. Best of luck!

Feel free to contact us and we will schedule a visit.

Thank you for your interest in Lean Consulting and Training LLC.

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