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We pride ourselves in the fact that we do not take a typical approach toward process improvement. A critical mistake we observe is the tendency to focus strictly on outputs. Obviously one must be concerned with results but there are disadvantages to being results-driven. By focusing primarily on results you have no way of ensuring consistency. The focus must be on methods. A 'methods-driven' organization can more accurately predict results and reduce variation. The results you seek come through a thorough understanding of your methods. We begin our process capability studies by examining the methods, but is it enough to streamline, re-engineer, or redesign? The answer is no.

Your processes must be robust, in that even with a great deal of variation in inputs your processes will still produce minimal variation in outputs. Through robust systems, reduction of output variation, and elimination of waste and non-value-adding activities you will improve quality, increase profitability, and more accurately be able to predict performance. Of course this is a very compressed description of our approach and each client has unique needs. However, we are confident in our ability to improve the performance of your processes. 

We also go beyond a typical process analysis in that we examine your processes with the needs of your customers in mind. If process improvements are not aligned with customer needs they are rather pointless. Additionally, how do your employees fit into your improvement efforts? Improving processes should also include eliminating obstacles for your workforce. Prior to deciding on a plan of action it is important to consider how all stakeholders will be affected. Does this effort support customer needs and organizational goals? How will this affect our workforce?

It is also important to consider how process improvements affect the entire value stream. Every change you implement affects the entire organization either directly or indirectly. Are you simply pushing problems further down the value stream? All of these are important questions.

If you are seeking a consulting firm that has the ability to quickly analyze your processes, identify opportunities for improvement, and design long term effective solutions that tie together your organizational and stakeholder goals feel free to contact us.

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