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On-Site Training Seminars

Whether you need us to assist in identifying your training needs or you simply wish to re-motivate your workforce feel free to contact us. We would be happy to deliver an on-site training seminar.

For all of your training needs feel free to contact us.

Needs Assessments

We do prefer to do a needs assessment prior to training. Not all issues are training needs. Solutions come in many forms. A needs assessment should always be conducted prior to designing a training program. The solution may or may not be training. Either way, we can help.

 Contact us to schedule a needs assessment.

Listed below are a couple of topics which have been of great interest.

~Our Three Most Demanded Seminars~

Lean Strategy Training Seminars

You may have noticed that we do not use the term "lean manufacturing". The reason is simple. Lean does not only apply to manufacturing. Lean strategies can be used in all industries. However, the transition is quite a challenge. If you are planning or in the process of implementing lean processes it is crucial to have a lean champion on your side.

It is also very helpful to prepare your workforce. It is important to have "buy-in" rather than simply throwing your associates in the ring and expecting them to perform without understanding what they are about to face. The ability to manage change and motivate employees while making the transition to lean is a determining factor. We can assist in implementation, maintaining a lean environment, and preparing your associates. With a combination of classroom and hands-on training activities we can help your organization make a successful transition to lean processes.

For assistance with lean implementation feel free to contact us.

Free Lean Enterprise Information Session

In order to prepare management personnel and to help an organization decide if they wish to proceed with a lean transformation we offer a free info session. Read more about our  free lean enterprise information session. Learn more about lean processes, the challenges, and the benefits.

For your free lean information session contact us.

5S Training Seminars

5S training is often associated with lean processes. True, it is included in our lean strategy training. However, "going lean" is not the only reason to practice 5 S. All organizations, regardless of size, type of industry, or organizational structure can benefit from 5 S training. The basic elements of 5S are as follows:

  •   Seiri (Sort)

  •   Seiton (Set in order)

  •   Seiso (Shine)

  •   Seiketsu (Standardize)

  •   Shitsuke (Sustain)1

Unfortunately, simply understanding the translation does not necessarily equate to possessing a full understanding of 5S. In fact, internally driven attempts do not always produce the "full effect". We attribute this to complacency. Associates are so accustomed to seeing things a certain way that they often only identify limited opportunities for improvement and may implement even fewer. There is also a tendency to revert back to previous methods. This is to be expected. A better approach is to bring in a fresh set of eyes. Experienced and knowledgeable consultants from outside will typically identify more opportunities, assist with implementation, and help design a process which discourages reverting to old methods.

For assistance with 5S feel free to contact us.

Read more about 5S

1. Hiroyuki Hirano, 5S for Operators: 5 Pillars of the Visual Workplace, Productivity Press, 1996


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