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As part of six sigma training and implementation program we offer four levels of certification. This certification program will be specific to your organization's needs. Certification, descriptions, and role in six sigma project teams are as follows:

Six Sigma Green Belt

These trainees have completed the introductory six sigma training program. Green belt certification is available upon completion of 10 classroom hours and 10 hours of hands-on application within a project team guided by our consultants. Six Sigma Green Belts are trained in the basic tools and methodology, and are typically involved part-time on a project team. They assist Black Belts while further developing their skills. 

Six Sigma Black Belt

This level of certification requires a total of 140 hours of training; half of which consists of hands-on application. The 20 hours accumulated for Green Belt certification is applied toward Black Belt status. Six Sigma Black Belts are fully-trained experts in tools and methodology, as well as DMAIC. They perform much of the analysis required for six sigma projects on a full-time basis. They serve as mentors for Green Belts. They work with and lead six sigma project teams.  Whereas Green Belt certification is appropriate for any associates willing to learn and contribute, candidates for Black Belt certification should possess basic leadership skills that can be developed. Obviously, those that are highly motivated and eager to learn do quite well at this level.

At this stage, one very significant client benefit to utilizing Lean Consulting and Training for your six sigma training and implementation is the introduction of Lean Methodology. This marriage of lean and six sigma is truly invaluable.

Six Sigma Master Black Belt

This highly knowledgeable group of six sigma experts are typically not members of the project teams. They are however, responsible for developing strategies, training, coaching, deployment, and results on a full-time basis. They are also responsible for developing teams and leading change. Upon completion of Master Black Belt status, these individuals are capable of training future Green and Black Belts. 

Candidates must have served for no less than 60 days as an "active" Black Belt prior to Master Black Belt certification. Candidates must demonstrate the above-mentioned knowledge, skills, and abilities as well as a working knowledge of lean concepts.

Six Sigma Champions

These individuals are senior-level managers that fully understand the philosophy behind six sigma. Champions promote and coordinate the deployment of six sigma across the organization. They eliminate organizational barriers, select projects, mentor teams, allocate resources, and create measurable objectives. Six Sigma Champions also select teams, develop strategies, monitor performance, make key decisions, and report results to top management personnel.

Candidates must have served for no less than 60 days as an "active" Master Black Belt prior to Champion certification. Candidates must also demonstrate outstanding leadership and management potential. At this level we also work directly with top managers to determine if there may be criteria specific to your organization that should, in fact, be required for Champion certification. 

It should also be noted that each of these certification levels will include three elements:

  • Classroom Time: Actual in classroom instruction
  • Application Coaching: Guidance on application project
  • Hands-on Application: Team / Trainees Completing the Hands-on Application
The client will not be billed for the "Hands-on Application". For example, the Black Belt Certification is a 140 hour program. 35 - 50 of those hours will be Hands-on Application. Therefore, the client would be billed for roughly 90 - 105 hours. Even though the application is required for certification you will not be billed for that time. That rule of thumb is fairly consistent at each level of certification.

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